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Archaeological Post Analysis

This page contains an extension or "plug-in" that can be used in conjunction with ArcGIS software to help identify walls and other structural alignments in archaeological maps containing palimpsests of postholes. The algorithm was developed by Susan C. Prezzano and is described in the following article:

  • Susan C. Prezzano (1988). "Spatial Analysis of Post Mold Patterns at the Sackett Site, Ontario County, New York." Man in the Northeast 35: 27-45.

This extension was created by students Thomas Bien, Nikolas Everett, and Andrew Hartsell during the Spring of 2005 in a course entitled "Software Engineering Laboratory" (Computer Science 145), under the direction of Professor Diane Pozefsky at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Vincas Steponaitis and R. P. Stephen Davis conceived the project and provided archaeological guidance. Additional advice was provided by Tony Boudreaux and Jack Snoeyink.

This software is distributed in the hope that it will be useful, but without any warranty, express or implied. You may download it by clicking here. Links to instructions for installation and and use appear below.

Bibliographic listings for this software should give the names of the creators, the date of publication (2005), the title (Archaeological Post Analysis), the version, the URL, and the date the site was accessed. An example appears below:

  • Thomas Bien, Nikolas Everett, and Andrew Hartsell (2005). "Archaeological Post Analysis." Version 1. (date accessed).

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