Using the ArcGIS Post Analysis Toolbar

Here we will discuss the use basics of the ArcGIS Post Analysis Toolbar. It is made up of six elements split into 3 groups: input on the left, action buttons in the middle, and status readout on the right.

The "From" and the "To" textbox constitute the input group. They exist solely to provide input to the post analysis actions that require it. At the moment, this only the Linkage Algorithm which requires a distance range over which to link posts (see Using the Linkage Button below for more information.)

The action buttons group consist of the colorful buttons to the right of the input group. Clicking one of them will cause the Post Analysis Toolbar to start performing some action (see below for more information.)

The rightmost status readout group is made up of the textual "Status Readout" and the graphical "Progress Bar". While the Post Analysis Toolbar is performing an action the "Status Readout" will provide textual information such as "Calculating 350/10000 Centroids" and the "Progress Bar" will give a graphical readout of the percentage of the action that is complete.

The best way to read the rest of this manual is to start with the Centroid Button and then proceed to the Linage Button.

Using the Centroid Button
Using the Linkage Button
The Case of the Missing Widgets

Sometimes, imediately after launching an operation, all of the non-button widgets in the toolbar will dissapear. We don't know why this happens, but we think it has something to do with saving and loading ArcMap documents (.mxds) instead of adding data piece by piece.

The solution to this problem is simply to restart ArcGIS and do not load from the same .mxd file again. Just add what you need piece by piece.

The Case of the Missing Toolbar

It is also possible for the toolbar to disappear entirely. Sometimes the toolbar has simply been turned off and all you have to do is turn it back on again. This can be done by selecting the "Tools" menu and going to "Customize..."

A window should appear like the one below.

Scroll down and click the check box for the Toolbar called "Post Tool Bar." This should cause the toolbar to appear again. If not, highlite "Post Tool Bar" and then click "Reset".

Select Normal.mxt and then click "OK". Now click the check box for "Post Tool Bar". If it still hasn't appeared, restart ArcGIS. If that doesn't help, you might have to reinstall the toolbar.