Research Laboratories of Archaeology

Woodland Pottery Sourcing in the Carolina Sandhills
Edited by Joseph M. Herbert and Theresa E. McReynolds. Research Report No. 29 [draft], Research Laboratories of Archaeology, The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, 2008.

[updated 8/22/08]

Cover [PDF]

Front Matter [PDF]


  1. Introduction (Herbert and McReynolds) [PDF]
  2. Geology (McReynolds) [PDF]
  3. Ceramics (Herbert) [PDF]
  4. Clays (McReynolds and Herbert) [PDF]
  5. Geochemistry (Speakman, Glascock, and Steponaitis) [PDF]
  6. Petrography (Smith) [PDF]
  7. Feldspar and Clay Mineralogy (McReynolds, Skaggs, and Schroeder) [PDF]
  8. Conclusions (Herbert and McReynolds) [PDF]


  1. Pottery Sample Descriptions (Herbert and McReynolds) [PDF]
  2. Clay Sample Descriptions (McReynolds and Herbert) [PDF]
  3. Geochemical Data (Speakman and Glascock) [PDF]
  4. Petrographic Data (Smith) [PDF]

Bibiography [PDF]