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Who We Are

The North Carolina Archaeological Society is a nonprofit organization devoted to preservation and study of the state's archaeological past. With hundreds of members throughout the state as well as the southeastern United States, it supports the activities of numerous archaeological agencies and institutions, strives to maintain the highest standards of responsible archaeological inquiry, and provides numerous opportunities for learning about the archaeology of North Carolina.

The Society has a long history, stretching back some sixty years. One of its precursors, the Archaeological Society of North Carolina, was founded in 1933, and contributed to the protection and study of numerous sites throughout the state. Another precursor, the Friends of North Carolina Archaeology, came on the scene in 1984, and took an active role in supporting programs of preservation and public education. In 1991, these two organizations merged to form the present Society, making it the oldest and largest organization of its kind in the state.

The main goals of the North Carolina Archaeological Society are:

  • to promote the study of archaeology--both prehistoric and historic--around the state;
  • to work for the proper conservation and exploration of archaeological sites;
  • to encourage a responsible attitude toward archaeological resources and to discourage careless, destructive, and unlawful activities; and
  • to promote the spread of archaeological knowledge through publications, meetings, organized projects, and other educational programs.

The benefits of membership in the North Carolina Archaeological Society include:

  • playing an active part in preserving archaeological sites in your area and around the state;
  • sharing with professional archaeologists the excitement of studying the past;
  • receiving the Society's newsletter with timely information about meetings, activities, and current research;
  • receiving the journal North Carolina Archaeology (formerly Southern Indian Studies), with informative articles about North Carolina archaeology;
  • having the opportunity to attend meetings at least twice each year to hear speakers, attend workshops, and meet other Society members; and
  • having opportunities to participate in field trips and excavations.

See Articles of Incorporation.

See Bylaws.

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