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LMS Archives Online: How to Cite these Documents

Subject to the strictures of "fair use" under U.S. copyright law and the Peabody Museum's conditions of use, the materials in this archive may be used in scholarly reports and publications, and in such cases should be appropriately cited. This page provides suggestions for bibliographic and citation style.

Bibliographic listings for this archive should give the names of the editors, the date of publication (2002), the title (LMS Archives Online), the URL, and the date the site was accessed. An example appears below:

  • Steponaitis, Vincas P., Stephen Williams, R. P. Stephen Davis, Jr., Ian W. Brown, Tristram R. Kidder, and Melissa Salvanish (eds.)
          2002     LMS Archives Online. (date accessed).

If the individual authorship of a document in the archives is clear, then that document may also be cited under the original author's name, followed by the complete bibliographic information for LMS Archives Online. This form is analogous to citing an article within an edited volume.

Specific pages in the site files may be cited by giving the site number, followed by the serial page number. Thus, a reference to the second page in the site file for the Emerald site (26-L-1) would be given (in two alternative forms) as:

  • (Steponaitis et al. 2002, site files: 26-L-1, p. 2), or
  • (Steponaitis et al. 2002: site files [26-L-1, p. 2]).

Specific quadrangle maps, such as the one containing the Emerald site, may be cited in similar fashion:

  • (Steponaitis et al. 2002, map files: 26-L quadrangle), or
  • (Steponaitis et al. 2002: map files [26-L quadrangle]).

Finally, specific images in the print files can be cited according to year and page number:

  • (Steponaitis et al. 2002, print files: 1939, p. 3), or
  • (Steponaitis et al. 2002: print files [1939, p. 3]).

For additional information on methods of citing electronic publications, see The Columbia Guide to Online Style.

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