Excavations at the Boland Site, 1984-1987: A Preliminary Report, by Susan C. Prezzano and Vincas P. Steponaitis, with contributions by Kristen J. Gremillion and C. Margaret Scarry. Research Report 9. Research Laboratories of Anthropology, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, 1990. viii + 165 pp., figs., tables, bibliography, appendices.

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1. Introduction

  • Location and Description
  • Geological Setting
  • Environmental Setting
  • Other Indian Sites in the Lower Chenango Valley
  • Historic Settlement and Land Use in the Boland Locality
  • Summary

2. Excavations

  • Surface Investigations
  • Excavations in Area 1
  • Excavations in Area 3

3. Artifacts

  • Prehistoric Pottery
  • Ceramic Pipes
  • Flaked Stone Points
  • Other Flaked Tools and Debitage
  • Rough Stone Tools
  • Polished Stone Tools and Ornaments
  • European Trade Goods

4. Chronology

  • Radiocarbon Dates
  • Thermoluminescence Date
  • Chronology of Occupations at Boland
  • Summary

5. Settlement and Community Patterns

  • Regional Settlement Patterns
  • Community Patterns at Boland
  • Summary and Conclusions



  • A. Plant Remains: 1984 Season (Kristen J. Gremillion)
  • B. Plant Remains: 1985-1987 Seasons (C. Margaret Scarry)
  • C. Artifact Counts