[gorget icon]Intrigue of the Past:
North Carolina's First Peoples
Part 2: The Process of Archaeology
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[icon]Lesson 2.1: Gridding a Site
[icon]Lesson 2.2: Stratigraphy and Cross-Dating
[icon]Lesson 2.3: Artifact Classification
[icon]Lesson 2.4: Tree-Ring Dating
[icon]Lesson 2.5: Archaeobotany
[icon]Lesson 2.6: Measuring Pots
[icon]Lesson 2.7: Experimental Archaeology: Making Cordage
[icon]Lesson 2.8: Mending Pottery
[icon]Lesson 2.9: Looking at an Object
[icon]Lesson 2.10: Archaeological Soils
[icon]Lesson 2.11: Inference by Analogy

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