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Algonkian Boat Building


Place an "I" before the statements that are inferences and an "O" before the statements that are observations.

1. There are four men in the picture.

2. The two men near the fires are fanning the fires.

3. It is summer.

4. The tree on the ground has no leaves on it.

5. The tree on the ground is a hundred years old.

6. Squirrels lived in the tree on the ground.

7. There is a low fire at the base of a standing tree.

8. One of the men started the fire at the bottom of the tree.

9. That tree, like the one on the ground, is a tall, thick tree.

10. The men want tall, thick trees so they can build boats.

11. Two men are making a long cavity in a tree trunk by letting fire burn the wood away.

12. The hollowed tree is raised off the ground by forked tree posts.

13. The two men at the hollow tree trunk are friends.

14. The men's hair is short except for the longer strip in the middle.

15. The fires will burn the whole forest down.

16. Deer live nearby in the woods.

17. The men are tired.

18. The tree with the fire in the cavity has no bark.

19. Smoke is getting into the men's eyes.

20. The men are close to their village.

Engraving originally published by Theodor De Bry in 1590, based on a painting by John White made in 1585.

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