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Appendix 2

North Carolina Archaeology

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North Carolina Indians

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General Sources on Archaeology

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Suitable for Young Readers

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World Wide Web Resources: General Archaeology

American Anthropological Association.
<www.aaanet.org>. Home page of the major professional organization of anthropologists. Contains links to many web sites of archaeological interest.

Archaeological Institute of America.
<www.archaeological.org>. Home page of an organization devoted principally to the archaeology of the Mediterranean region. Contains both information and links of interest to teachers.

ArchNet, World Wide Web Virtual Library of Archaeology.
<archnet.uconn.edu>. This site, based at the University of Connecticut, is by far the most comprehensive guide to archaeological content on the web.

Learn North Carolina.
<www.learnnc.org>. A comprehensive web resource for K-12 teachers across North Carolina. One of its many features is a database of lesson plans keyed to the North Carolina Standard Course of Study. Most of the lesson plans in the current edition of Intrigue of the Past: North Carolina's First Peoples are available in this database. As these lesson plans are refined and as new lesson plans are written, the most up-to-date versions will be available on this site. The site is based at the School of Education, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

National Park Service, Links to the Past.
<www.cr.nps.gov>. An excellent portal to all sorts of historical and archaeological topics, not limited to national parks.

Society for American Archaeology.
<www.saa.org>. Home page of the largest professional organization of archaeologists in the United States. Note especially the links under "Education" and "Publications."

Society for Historical Archaeology.
<www.sha.org>. Home page of a professional organization of archaeologists who study more recent, historically documented periods. The site contains general information on archaeology of interest to teachers.

World Wide Web Resources: North Carolina Archaeology

Archaeology and Ancient History of North Carolina.
<www.learnnc.org/learnnc/resources/anthro2.nsf>. A web resource on North Carolina archaeology designed especially for K-12 students and teachers. It is maintained by Learn North Carolina, a program for teachers based at the School of Education at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

North Carolina Archaeology.
<www.arch.dcr.state.nc.us>. This site is the most comprehensive guide to archaeology and archaeologists in North Carolina. It is maintained by the Office of State Archaeology, a branch in the Division of Archives and History.

North Carolina Archaeological Society.
<www.arch.dcr.state.nc.us/ncas.htm>. This is a membership organization of people interested in North Carolina archaeology, with local chapters across the state.

North Carolina Historic Sites Section, Division of Archives and History.
<www.ah.dcr.state.nc.us/sections/hs/default.htm>. This site contains links to state-run historic sites in North Carolina, many of which have archaeological exhibits (such as Town Creek Indian Mound, Historic Halifax, Historic Bath, Brunswick Town, Fort Dobbs, and Somerset Place).

Research Laboratories of Archaeology, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.
<rla.unc.edu>. Home page of the oldest research center devoted to North Carolina archaeology. Contains information and links of interest to teachers, including a web version of this book.

World Wide Web Resources: Magazines on Archaeology

American Archaeology.
<www.americanarchaeology.com>. A bimonthly magazine published by the Archaeological Conservancy.

<www.archaeology.org>. Magazine published by the Archaeological Institute of America. Articles from current and back issues are available here.

Archaeology and Public Education
<www.saa.org/Education/PubEdu/a&pe/index.html>. An internet newsletter on K-12 archaeology education published by the Society for American Archaeology. Articles from current and back issues are available here.

Discovering Archaeology.
<www.discoveringarchaeology.com>. Bimonthly magazine published by Scientific American.

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