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LMS Archives Online: Overview of Contents

This web site contains scanned images of the following materials:.

  • LMS Site Files: These files contain basic descriptions of approximately 3,000 sites recorded in the LMS system. The documents were originally kept in 25 three-ring binders, with sites arranged by LMS quadrangle (for details of the LMS numbering system, see Phillips, Ford, and Griffin 1951: 41). Coverage includes most of the Lower Mississippi Valley from southern Missouri and Illinois to the Gulf Coast. The files stopped being updated in 1993. For a comprehensive list of quadrangles covered by these site files, click here. For a complete list of site names, click here.

  • LMS Map Files: These contain the "master set" of maps on which LMS site locations were recorded. Most are USGS topographic maps annotated with site locations and sometimes additional notes. The vast majority are 15-minute maps, although some 7.5-minute maps were used in areas along the Gulf Coast. For a complete list of these maps, click here.

  • LMS Print Files: These contain black and white photographs from LMS field work spanning the period from 1939 to 1977. The prints were originally dry-mounted on 8.5-by-11-inch card stock and kept in eight three-ring binders. The prints in these binders did not represent all the images in the LMS archives, but rather the photographs that were selected by the LMS investigators as being most informative or interesting. For the early years of LMS field work, this collection is comprehensive; in later years, as color slides came to be more frequently used, the coverage becomes more spotty. For a complete list of the years included in these files, click here.
It should be noted that the contents of this web site represents only a small percentage of the LMS notes, field records, maps, drawings, correspondence, and other documentary materials stored in the Peabody Museum Archives in Cambridge.

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