The Archaeology of North Carolina

North Carolina Archaeological Time

The Contact Period in North Carolina


The Contact Period in the North Central Piedmont

Starting in 1983, the University of North Carolina's second Siouan Project succeeded in finding sites of the Siouan tribes who interacted with the European explorers, traders, and settlers who moved into the North Carolina backcountry during the last half of the seventeenth century and early eighteenth century.

In the north central Piedmont two Contact era phases of the Sara (or Saura) tribe follow the Early Saratown phase and provide a chronology of changes.

The Middle Saratown phase (A.D. 1620 - 1670)

Middle Saratown represents the mid-17th-century occupation of the upper Dan River drainage by the Sara. It marks the first arrival of European trade goods in the northern Piedmont.

The Late Saratown phase (A.D. 1670 - 1710)

Dramatic increases in English-made trade goods and devastating epidemics of Europeans diseases came to the Dan River area after 1670.

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