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Town Creek Indian Mound - Digital Records Archive

The Town Creek Indian Mound Digital Records Archive contains images of paper records associated with the archaeological excavation and management of Town Creek Indian Mound between 1937 and 1990, and curated at the Research Laboratories of Archaeology at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. (Detailed unit excavation drawings, overall site excavation maps, and photographs [black-and-white and color] are not yet included in this archive.)

This archive is intended for use by scholars who wish to study the detailed field records and other documents that accompany an archaeological excavation. Access to the archive is password protected. To apply for a password, please contact the Research Laboratories of Archaeology by email at

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Those interested in the archaeology of Town Creek will want to consult the following:

Town Creek Indian Mound: A Native American Legacy
by Joffre L. Coe
University of North Carolina Press, Chapel Hill, 1995

The Archaeology of Town Creek
by Edmond A. Boudreaux
University of Alabama Press, Tuscaloosa, 2007

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This archive was created by Melissa A. Salvanish on July 1, 1999 and March 20, 2000 (updated January 31, 2001) with support from Friends of Town Creek Indian Mound.